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2019 GS Series

The multi-sport Nautiques have been designed to provide great performance for a multitude of activities. If you live in a world where mom and dad like to ski but the kids want to wakeboard and wakesurf, a multi-sport boat is your ticket to making everyone happy. Our GS-Series was made for families that like to do it all and don’t want to compromise on performance. If you’re looking for the best wakeboard boat, the best wakesurf boat and the best waterski boat wrapped in one, it’s time to experience the Nautique GS-Series.



The GS20 is the most versatile 20-foot boat on the market today and was made to put a smile on your face no matter what watersports activity you choose. With this multi-purpose hull you can wakesurf, waterski or wakeboard at high levels due to its unique attributes taken from the Ski Nautique and award-winning G23. Sleek lines, great performance and built from extremely high-quality materials; the GS20 is one of the most popular models in the Nautique line for a reason.


Overall length 20’ / 6.10 m
Beam 100″ / 2.54 m
Draft 27″ / 0.69 m
Dry Weight 4,500 lbs / 2,041 kg
Ballast 1,850 lbs / 839 kg
Fuel capacity 39 gal / 147.6 l
Maximum Capacity 12 People / 1,850 lbs / 839 kg
Draft 27″ / 0.69 m
Horsepower 400 hp / 355 hp / 450hp
Torque 400 ft/lb / 405 ft/lb / 465 ft/lb
Gear Reduction Ratio 1.48:1


2019 GS22



Our most popular boat in the GS family, the GS22 is the perfect boat that does it all. With hull versatility derived from the iconic Ski Nautique and Super Air Nautique G23, this boat is perfect for any crew that wants to have fun surfing, skiing and wakeboarding. A well-appointed interior packed with all the latest innovations, the GS22 is ready to bring the good times to everyone who steps aboard.


Overall length 22’ / 6.70m
Beam 100” / 2.54m
Lift Ring Spacing 20’ 7.75” / 6.29m
Dry Weight 4750lbs./ 2,227kg
Ballast 2,250lbs / 1021kg
Fuel capacity 51gal / 193l
Maximum Capacity 15 people / 2,200lbs. / 998kg
Draft 27.6” / .70 m
Horsepower 400HP – 355HP – 450HP
Torque 400ft/lb – 405ft/lb – 465ft/lb
Gear Reduction Ratio 1.48:1


2019 GS24



As the largest boat in our GS-Series, this 24-foot multi-sport boat lets everyone enjoy the versatile performance these models are known for. With room for 17, the GS24 also boasts all of the amenities and luxurious comforts you’ve come to expect and want in a Nautique. From surfing endless waves to enjoying a sunset cruise with your whole crew, the GS24 was designed to make everyone onboard happy and looking forward to the next time on the water.


Overall length 24’ / 7.31m
Beam 100” / 2.54m
Draft 29.25” / .743m
Dry Weight 5,100lbs / 2,313kg
Ballast 2,500lbs / 1,134kg
Fuel capacity 68 gal / 257.4 L
Maximum Capacity 17 people / 2,650lbs / 1,202kg
Horsepower 400HP – 355HP – 450HP – 550HP
Torque 400ft/lb –– 545ft/lb
Gear Reduction Ratio 1:48:1