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Ski Series

If waterskiing is where your passion lies, Nautique provides the ultimate experience in the waterski boat category. Look back at the timeline of waterskiing and the Ski Nautique will be at the forefront of record-breaking performances every step of the way. That’s been the case because of Nautique’s unwavering pursuit of perfection with each iteration of the Ski Nautique, and the 2019 model is no different. The all-new Ski Nautique is a modern marvel of technological advancements and on-water performance for the 3-event ski world. The new Nautique 200 is a workhorse ready to handle it all. Built for schools, camps and families who want a boat that gives them the standard options they need to pull skiers through the course or on the open lake, this record-capable and AWSA tournament-approved towboat is ready to put smiles of faces all summer long.


Tradition. Innovation. Performance. Craftsmanship. When a rare combination of elements like these come together in a ski boat, it’s sure to provide a waterskiing experience unlike anything before. With a blended carbon fiber and fiberglass construction method that creates the perfect balance of strength and weight, this new icon is lighter than any other ski boat on the market and creates the softest wakes imaginable. Add that to the brand-new MicroTuner technology and the All-New 2019 Ski Nautique is the best waterski boat ever created. A new era in 3-event waterskiing is here.


Overall length 20′ / 6.10 m
Beam 98″ / 2.49 m
Draft 21″ / .53 m
Dry Weight 2945 lbs /1336 kg
Ballast 400lbs / 181.4kg
Fuel capacity 29 gal / 109.8 L
Maximum Capacity 7 people / 1450 lbs / 658 kg
Draft 21″ / .53 m
Horsepower 400 HP / 355 HP / 450 HP
Torque 400 / 405 / 465 Ft-Lb
Gear Reduction Ratio 1.23:1




Built to handle it all, the new Nautique 200 embodies fun on the water for everyone. For schools, camps and families that want a boat to be able to ski and wakeboard, the Nautique 200 offers the best of both worlds. With standard options that give this workhorse the tools it needs to pull skiers and riders through the course or on the open lake, this record-capable and AWSA tournament-approved towboat is a surefire way to keep smiles on the faces of everyone all summer long.


Overall length 20’ / 6.10 m
Beam 95” / 2.41 m
Lift Ring Spacing 18’ 8” / 5.69 m
Dry Weight 3400 lbs / 1542 kg
Ballast N/A
Fuel capacity 27 gal / 102.1 l
Maximum Capacity 9 people / 1450 lbs / 658 kg
Draft 22” / 0.56 m
Horsepower 400 hp
Torque 400 ft-lb
Gear Reduction Ratio 1.23:1